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6/10/18 - What's this? Catharsis has a discord group? (Read More)

5/20/18 - Updates on Central Lands and a news on a contest have arrived! (Read More)

5/17/18 - New information and fixes regarding pack activity, litter rolls, and mutations. (Read More)

5/7/18 - New information regarding predator hunts, pack rank confusion, and stats. (Read More)

4/28/18 - Updates and information has finally come! (Read More)

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IC News
5/15/18 - As summer turns to fall, it seems as though the wolves of the land were not as lucky in their endevours with hunting. All the packs seem to have gone hungry, and times will only be tuogher as the seasons grow colder. Will the lands of Catharsis be able to sustain the growing number of wolves?
4/28/18 - Even with the summer heat beating down on the creatures of Catharsis- it did nothing to hold back certain wolves from pursuing their wants. Sloan made history as the first wolf to lay claim to a land for a pack- creating Valence Nation in the South, at Vidraca Pond. In the North, Commander laid claim to Piscis Bank, creating the pack Carpe Omina. Within the Eastern lands, the Opimae Temple was established by Kolbjorn- tucked nicely upon the Opimae Hills. Lurking in the Western lands, Hannibal struck ownership over Lapsus Creek, creating the Klein Empire. With four packs created and thriving, it leaves only one question... will there be peace or war?

4/1/18 – Spring fades into summer, and the lands of Catharsis begin their transformations in response to the bitter heat and a lack of moisture. Still no packs have risen...but that does not mean Catharsis is without conflict.

2/24/18 – Spring comes to clutch the lands of Catharsis, and with it is an inviting, warm breeze of air to welcome the new souls. Packs have yet to form and lands are begging to be explored... just who will make home in Catharsis?
Fall of Year 1
As the heat of Summer fades, Autumn sweeps across the land, bringing cooler tempurtures to all the creatures residing within Catharsis. The days are now a much more comfortable tempurture, while the nights have a bite that reminds everyone of the impending cold front that will come with winter.

Weather Reference – Timeline
  Nomad 36 44 80
  Valence Nation 5 8 13
  Opimae Temple 1 3 4
  Klein Empire 7 7 14
  Troves Haven 0 1 1
Fight Log
  VS For Link
Arcadia/Erebus & Helix
Dominance Thread
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Game Hub26     56

Within this forum you will find both in character news updates and out of character news updates that are important to the game and its functioning (besides what you can find in the guidebook). You can keep up to date, ask questions and even have maintenance taken care of as well!
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Member Platform61     365

This is an area specifically designed for our members to chat and relax or play a few games. Inside here you will be able to mess around in the studios for coding or graphics and even let us know of absences if you plan on taking one.
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Character Platform346     1,176

A board for all things to do with characters but in an out of character state. Auditions, adoptions, plotting and even logging areas.
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Northern Lands54     304

The Northern Region of Catharsis can be a brutal one. Winters upon the jagged ways of the land offer a dangerous aspect- but come the warmer seasons the area is as breathtaking as it is remarkable. While some may think a way of life on these slopes and secret treasures are impossible, the determined-minds are more than ready to prove such rumors wrong.
Last Post: constant motion by Aurelia 2 hours ago

Eastern Lands46     253

These lands are lush with life; marked by beautiful forests and beach sides. Prey and predator alike flourish along this region, finding the land to fit their needs extremely well. Though a remarkable landscape - the elements can be harsh throughout the environment. However, plenty of shelter can be found if one knows how to look, a keen eye is all it takes. Although these great lands cannot be tamed, the conditions are livable and even beneficiary if the elements can be worked with. Mother Nature is as gifting as she is reaping.
Last Post: Starlight by Bellatrix 6 hours ago

Central Lands81     400

The region that is located within the heart of Catharsis, the Central Lands hold unique and remarkable aspects about them. While they may appear quite ordinary, each one is distinctive from the rest. Traveling through the expanse of the terrain, the blessings and the curses of the Core of Catharsis begin to come to life. From the gift of rare herbs to the complete loss of vision... Dare fate be tested?
Last Post: Gasoline Paradise by Jester Yesterday, 12:12 PM

Western Lands96     546

The West is a region ruled, not so kindly, by water, having been carved out by rivers and creeks into a lush and varied landscape--beautiful but ever temperamental. Warmer weather brings almost constant rain and unbearable humidity, while winter offers meager patches of snow that collect only where moisture has managed to succumb to the freeze. An overall lack of relief from the elements makes this part of Catharsis rather dangerous, but it is known to reward greatly those who can respect and maneuver its dynamic terrain.
Last Post: Patchwork by Ishval Yesterday, 11:56 PM

Southern Lands52     314

The Southern Region is most known for how easy it is to hunt down prey within the lands. Filled with low and grasslands, the southern lands are quite unique and teaming with life. Both prey and predators call this area home, though the summers can be quite dry and unforgiving here. The expanses hold many beautiful and unique places, however they some can be quite treacherous and it is recommended to proceed with caution.
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You will find archived threads (be they dead or finished) after thirty days of no reply in this forum.
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